Frequently Asked Questions ?

Information About IRCA,
IRCA - Stands for the International Register Of Certificated Auditor. A professional body, that registers management system auditors and approves training programs.

Why approved courses,
The approved courses means that it is carefully designed for the learning objectives. You learn better when you completed an approved course.

Where is IRCA,
IRCA has Headquarters in London - UK and also have regional offices in different countries.

Is my course Internationally Accepted?,
Yes all IRCA approved courses are internationally well accepted.

Is there any examinations after the courses?,
Yes most of the courses you will be tested with a written examination

What should I do for get a successful completion Certificate?,
For getting successful completion certificate you should successfully complete the continuous evaluations during the course and also the written examination

In the Certificate why it is written as valid for 3 years?,
This 3 years validity is only for registering to the IRCA as an auditor or a lead auditor. Certificate is valid forever but for registering to the IRCA it is only valid for 3 years. So if you want to register at IRCA you should do this registration within 3 years.