About our approach

Training is one of the most powerful and most cost effective activity for the organization which look for improvement, development and prevention. A carefully designed and effectively presented training could resolve most of the problems in organizations.
We are specialist on the management system training for all levels. We run training on the entry level, internal auditor and lead auditor level as well as custom designed programs on the management systems.
We are not saying we are the best training organization among the other organization which run the management system trainings, but we put almost 20 years of experience in the field on the back of our programs.
We, The ESENEK Training Centre is one of the IRCA - International Register of Certificated Auditor approved training organization running for a number of training programs and our range of approval increasing consistently.
Which means that we design our programs in a structured manner and fully for fulfil the clients training objectives. Our office and programs continuously audited and monitored by IRCA.
We proud of the responses of our clients which always shows a high level of satisfaction and we also proud of getting our business mainly through our customer recommendations.
Please feel free to inform us about your needs on the management system training programs, we assure you to find most suitable and cost effective way for your needs.